Helping You Find A Buyer Specialist

How We Help

Get a FREE Buyer Specialist consultation when you reach out. What comes with a consultation?
  • Breakdown of the most successful Buyer’s Agents in your desired region.
  • Market Report with relevant statistics for your desired region.
  • Connections to industry professionals, such as lenders, investors, inspectors, etc.
You get all of these by simply submitting the form on the right. There is absolutely no charge to you for the use of our service.

What's The Catch?

How can we provide all of that for free?

Simply put, our compensation comes in the form of a referral fee. To give you a bigger picture of what we do, allow me to outline exactly how the service works.


  1. We identify one or more of your target areas.
  2. We  use MLS data to find which agents have helped sell/buy the most homes in that area.
  3. Similarly, we use MLS data to create a Market Report specific to your target area(s).
  4. We meet with you to go over our findings.
  5. If you like any of the agents and want to proceed, we provide an introduction to help you get started.
  6. We check in throughout the home search to see how things are going.
  7. Once you close on a home, we get our referral fee as a portion of your agent’s commission.
This process provides value to you upfront, and places our payout at the very end. Our incentive is to help you get to closing. Only then do we receive our portion.
And the best part is that you aren’t paying anything for this service!
Ready to get started? Reach out below and we’ll be in touch soon!